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Free Baby Registry Gifts | How to Get Free Baby Stuff for New Moms

Updated: Apr 5

What new mom doesn't like free stuff!? There are companies who provide free goodie bags, coupons, and samples to expecting moms. Keep reading on how you can get yours and where you can find these free stuff for new expecting moms.


Interested In Receiving Free Goodies for New Moms?

If you're looking for free goodies for new moms and babies, you're at the right place! Many companies congratulate new moms with free coupons, samples, and goodie bags filled with a combination of things, including full sized items. Top brands love when you shop with them so what better way than welcoming you with a warm offering. These goodies give you the opportunity to test brands and products, as well as save you from spending tons of money.

Read Below on How You Can Get Free Stuff for Babies & New Moms!


Target offers a free welcome goodie bag for moms who create a free baby registry on their site. Their goodie bags include, coupons, samples, and a full-sized bottle and pacifier with most bags - that is $100 value full of coupons and samples.

Once you complete a baby registry on the Target site, you can then stop by the participating company at Guest Services at your convenience to pick up your goodie bag. Supplies are subject to availability, so be sure to call ahead if you don't have any intentions of making a stop at Target for any other reason.

Other benefits of creating a Target Registry, you'll receive a year of exclusive deals, 15% off registry coupon on ALL items left in your registry 8 weeks before baby's expected arrival date, and free registry returns or exchanges for up to one year.

Click Here to Create a Target Baby Registry


Amazon has to be my most favorite baby registry free welcome gift. The Amazon baby registry Welcome Box offers many useful and cute full-sized items, coupons, and samples worth up to $35 - including, baby bottles, swaddle blanket, wipes, onsie, diapers, sample sized body wash, lotion, fabric softener, and more. You can also enjoy a 10% completion discount on any items left on your registry, while prime members will receive 15% off with a one year of eligible returns on gift purchases made from your registry.

In order to receive your Amazon Welcome Box, you will need to ensure to complete these following steps. First you will need to become an Amazon Prime Member or sign up for a 30-day trial, complete the baby registry checklist as it adds items to your baby registry, and make a $10 purchase within the baby registry. Although you don't necessarily have to make a $10 purchase yourself, someone who purchases from your baby registry has to at least purchase products worth the value of $10 before you can receive your Welcome Box. Once steps have been completed, you can claim your gift on the website, where it will then be added to your cart and available for shipping.

If you're looking to create a free baby registry with Amazon, click here.

BuyBuy Baby

BuyBuy Baby also offers a cute sized goodie bag similar to Target. Some bags may include a baby bottle, pacifier, sample sized products, and coupons. All you have to do is complete a baby registry at the participating company website and then you're free to pick up your free goodie bag at any BuyBuy Baby store. Send thank you notes to those who made a registry purchase and enjoy 15% off any remaining items left on your registry Enjoy up to a year's worth of free shipping - only if the value of gifts purchased on your registry exceeds $1500.

Another way to receive free stuff is through referral. For every person you refer, who creates a registry, you will receive $25 off of $100 of in-store purchases.

If you would like to create a BuyBuy Baby registry, please click here.


Walmart offers a Walmart Welcome Box; you will first need to create a baby registry on the participating companies' website. Once the registry has been completed, you will then be able to order your free Baby Welcome Box and receive coupons, sample-sized items, and a baby bottle.

Click Here to Order Your Walmart Baby Welcome Box.

Click Here if you would like to create a Walmart Baby Registry.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Yes, that's right, Bed Bath & Beyond also offers a free goodie bag for new moms! Create a baby registry with Bed Bath & Beyond and receive a bag full of goodies, including, samples, coupons, and a registry guide - available for pick up at any BuyBuy Baby store.

Along with a free goodie bag, you will also receive 15% your remaining registry items.

Click Here to create a baby registry with Bed Bath & Beyond.

Baby List

You can't go wrong with Baby List. They offer a free Hello Baby Welcome Box after you complete a baby registry with a 15% discount to the Baby List Store. Add any items from any store to your Baby List registry so you can shop all of your favorite products and brands conveniently in one place. How awesome is that!

In order to receive your free Hello Baby Box, you will first need to add at least 3 items to your registry directly from the Baby List Shop, add 3 items from other stores, make a minimum purchase of $10 from the Baby List Shop, and pay a $10 shipping free. You are not required to make the $10 purchase from the Baby List Shop but someone who shops your registry will need to. You can receive a toy, baby bottle, pacifier, carrying pouch, sample sized products, and coupons in your Hello Baby Box.

If you would like to create a registry with Baby List, Click Here.

Free Breast Pump | Through Insurance

Would you be interested or plan to breast feed? You can get a breast pump for FREE! Check below for companies that offer free breast pumps through your insurance plan. Simply provide your information, including your insurance and any required paperwork and documents to receive eligibility. Once your information has been confirmed, you will then be able to choose the breast pump of your choice. Click below to see which companies offer free breast pumps through your insurance provider.


Click Here to Order Your Free Medela Breast Pump

Aeroflow Breast Pumps

Click Here to Order from Aeroflow Breast Pumps

These participating stores offer top name brands and great quality products to test and use. As baby transitions in bottle sizes and pacifiers, this is a great way to stack up and sample each product to test for your baby's preference. The diaper sample packs are a great way to find out which diaper is most suitable and comfortable for your baby; as I've noticed that some brands could cause the baby's bottom irritation. I've also seen a various of sample sized products including, body wash, wipes, Dapple bottle soap, diaper cream, and Dreft laundry soap. You will find Johnson Johnson, the main sponsor, in many of these free items.

This is a great opportunity to test all of the sample sized products to see which you prefer and what works best for your little one. It saves you tons of money because if one brand or product didn't quite meet your expectations; you can always try another without feeling guilty of breaking your bank and wasting products. Take advantage of this opportunity to receive free products and coupons. Creating a registry is also a great way to inform family and friends what you need and want for the baby; giving them convenient access to purchasing these items. Be sure to share your registry with your family and friends to share the life of giving to your little one.

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