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Kids Activities For A Rainy Day: List of Indoor Activities To Keep The Family Busy

It's officially Spring and what type of weather do we get during Spring besides the sunny weather? The good ol' rain! And while it may be fun to step outside and splash in the puddles - there's still not much to do outdoors on a rainy day.

Buuuut that's okay, no worries! Below, I have all the answers for what you, kids, and the entire family can do on a rainy day. The rain can't stop the shine forever!

1. Get Creative In a Game of Indoor Bowling: All you need is empty water bottles, a ball, and a flat surface to create your very own bowling alley. Add a quarter size of water or rice in the bottles to weigh the bottles down. And Voila! You have your very own bowling alley. You can also have the kids decorate the bottles to add a little touch or add glow sticks in each bottle and play a game of glow in the dark bowling.

2. Go Hunting on an Indoor Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items for your children to find around the house with a box beside each item so they can easily check mark each box once the object has been found. Objects can include a remote, book, an apple, shoe - just whatever you have in your home would be ideal.

3. Have a Movie Marathon: Pick a theme or a favorite movie series and watch it together. For instance, all the Disney Movies, Marvel Movies or whichever top movies you want to watch. Create a cozy area, get on your comfy wear and pop some popcorn for a day in.

4. Have a Board Game Day: Pull out all of your favorite board games. A great board game to play is the kids version of Monopoly. This is a great game to help teach them the basics of money and counting.

5. Bake and Indulge Day: Choose a recipe and make it together - it could be as simple as cookies or a cake. If you prefer something more convenient, pick up a cake mix box from any grocery store and have it handy for any rainy day.

6. Build a Fort: Use blankets, pillows, furniture, sheets, and boxes to build a cozy fort in the living room or over the kids bed to make a "bed fort." Have a flashlight, pillows, snacks, blankets and anything they want to add in their fort.

7. Create With Arts and Crafts: There are tons of materials to use from things like paper, glue, markers, paint, crayons, cotton balls, construction paper in variety colors, scissors, glitter, fuzzy balls, sequins, stickers, different embellishments, letter tracers, and so much more. Allow your kids to get creative with their own projects; allowing them to freely express themselves. It's also helpful to guide them if they are unsure what to do to help spark their ideas.

8. Indoor Gardening: Plant some herbs or small plants in pots and watch them grow. You can find all of these items inexpensively at the dollar store. and if you want a clean-free mess, use artificial flowers and keep them standing with pebbles instead of dirt.

9. Try Yoga or Exercise: Put on some workout videos or yoga classes and get moving together. Music will also do just fine. Whichever works to help keep the body moving and blood flowing.

10. Read a Book: Pick a book and read it together, take turns reading sections as this is great for bonding and building literature confidence.

11. Become a Scientist and Create Science Experiments: Some easy and fun science experiments to do together can include making a volcano, lava lamp or slime is another great option kids would enjoy.

12. Have Puzzle Time: Puzzles are also stimulating and brain teasing to pass time by.

13. Play a Card Game: Play a game of cards. There are so many options; from goldfish, crazy 8's, uno...

Keep in mind that a day spent indoors doesn't have to be boring, you just have to make it exciting! With just a little bit of creativity, there are so many engaging activities to create for kids and family to enjoy.

Send us a message and tell us which indoor activity you did on a rainy did, even if you created one of your own. We love to hear from you.

With Love,

All Things Mommy

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