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These New Parents Conversation Starter Cards Game is the most ideal activity to help spark any conversation with your significant other or even as coparents. 


- designed for new and expecting parents

- Includes 400 questions

- 200 questions focuses on the couple and 200 of the other questions focuses on parenting

- Keep communication flowing and try to understand and respect each other's needs as you adjust to the changes that come with being a new mom and new dad

- Spend meaningful time with your partner talking about hopes, dreams and what's important to you

- Discuss parenting preferences to understand each other's point of view

- Get off to a great start by reconciling differences in your upbringing that could challenge the harmony of the relationship and the way you raide the kids

- Perfect gift idea for first-time parents, couples planning on having babies, pregnant women, and anyone who is starting or growing a family.

- Size: Cards are small (2.5" x 1.75") handheld

- Double sided cards


New Parents Conversation Starter | Cards Game